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March 31, 2008

Dr. Drew in the House... Church’s Guide to Good Sex

A few have commented that I’m becoming the “Dr. Drew” of The Point. It's purely coincidental, but someone has to blog about the subject. Here’s more on the topic.

This article from the British tabloid The Sun caught my attention. The report is about the new book Growing Together. The Sun summed it up as follows: “Officials at the Church of England have written a saucy good sex guide for their parishioners.”

However, coming from a tabloid, it’s expected that it’s an inaccurate and sensationalized report. I read the introductory chapter and it’s basically a guide book written by a Church of England clergyman for couples getting ready to tie the knot. As the book publisher said, “Growing Together is a practical guide that will help you to develop a shared understanding of your future together through exploring your dreams and expectations of married life and by highlighting some of the key issues that being married can raise.” Nothing too saucy or provocative about that!

But if there’s one manual that is best for helping couples have a good and healthy physical relationship, understanding its liberties and its limits, the only one on the top of my list is the Bible, written not by some English clergyman or Dr. Drew but by the creator of sex himself, God.

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I've never thought of the bible as a sex manual. Can you list the "how to" passages? Maybe I missed them.

Jason Taylor

Given the large number of professed Christians in the world, it might be that instruction in that area is superfluous.

But seriously what is it about sex? I realize that people like to talk about it for obvious reasons. But why do they make such a to-do about it? Couldn't they vary the subject of conversation just a wee bit? And why do they make it an ideology? It's not as if the human race ever had trouble keeping up the population.
And why is the fact that a sex manuel is written by Anglican clergy a recommendation? Now if it was written by Morman clergy that might be a good thing to know. But are Anglicans famous for their talents in that area? Of course the founder of the Anglican Church makes a precedent. But then one might say that having six wifes and beheading three is evidence more for incompetance then competance.


I get it Jason.

Men possess sperm. Women possess eggs. Sperm meets egg. It's sex!!!!

So what makes us different from animals,... and plants for that matter?

Jason Taylor

Eccentric clergymen?


Hey Walter.

Just read Song Of Solomon.

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