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March 26, 2008

Daily roundup

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Jason Taylor

The "modern do-gooders" have a point. One should use the talents one has to do good.

benjamin ady

I didn't find the family research council very ... satisfying.

I mean as the father of two young daughters, I'm all for saving sex for marriage, and will certainly be encouraging my daughters to that end, in the midst of what I hope will be an ongoing open, realistic conversation about sex and many other important things.

Part of this conversation will be about condoms. yes of course they don't work all the time, perfectly. But they *do* reduce risk for the majority of STD's as well as well as unwanted pregnancy. And I will be telling my daughters "Look, you should totally wait until you're married to have sex. But if you're gonna be stupid, don't be *totally* stupid. Use a condom". Because even though they *aren't* as effective as abstinence, they *are* safer than unprotected sex.

I mean it's kind of like ... you don't want your kids to ... get involved with illegal drugs. But if they must, well then I'd much prefer they use marijuana, for instance, than heroin or cocaine. Just so much safer.

I don't understand where the "misinformation" is to which FRC refers. When they say "loaded with misinformation", do they simply mean "loaded with language which represents a worldview with which we disagree"?

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