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March 18, 2008

Anti-Christian Remarks Get Teacher Lawsuit

At least one member of the judiciary understands that the “establishment clause” cuts both ways. After reviewing the charges that a student brought against his advanced placement European history teacher for anti-religious remarks, district Judge James Selna concluded, “I believe there’s a plausible case.”

Some of the teacher’s in-class remarks, caught on audiotape, include:

  • "Conservatives don't want women to avoid pregnancies – that's interfering with God's work."
  • "When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can't see the truth."
  • "When you pray for divine intervention, you're hoping that the spaghetti monster will help you get what you want."

If you’re wonderin’ where the "spaghetti monster" of Richard Dawkins fits in with the history of Edward Gibbons, the teacher’s lawyer explains, "This is a very committed educator who is trying to stimulate his students into an active discussion and to recognize that they should be prepared to challenge authority, including AP European history professors."

It seems that at least one student has been thusly stimulated.

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