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February 29, 2008

Where Have All the Men Gone?

It's not only family life, but men have largely disappeared from teaching at public schools too. Here's a story about the dearth of male teachers. 

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The teachers want us there, but the Powers don't. Males aren't trusted around children in our feminist-influenced society. we are guilty until presumed innocent of horrors beyond imagining.

Grizzly Bear Mom

Actually feminism encourages diversity, which includes placing more men in class rooms. My church and I recruited men to be Sunday School teachers for all of our children’s classes. My experience was that “”nobody (male or female) wanted to scrub Jesus’ toilets (teach Sunday School), they all wanted to be elders.” I thought men left teaching because they wanted to earn enough to support their families. Perhaps professionally they all want to be “elders” (principals) too.

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