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February 27, 2008

They thought I might not make it

Starbucks_2 It was an ordeal, but the crisis has now passed, and I am expected to pull through.

(Image © AP)

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There's always Caribou. Mmmmmm Mint Condition....

Jason Taylor

I feel your pain...


Wow - at first I thought it was a safety stand-down like they have in the military. I guess it was just good marketing!

Dennis Babish

I think they just got tired of being called Charbucks.
We'll see if there is any change.
Caribou coffee is much better


My brother the barista told me about this the other day. Wonder if there will be any noticeable difference since the siesta.

Gina Dalfonzo

I wonder too. I didn't notice any problems before (as my post implies), but I always drink the sweet stuff and so have never noticed the burned taste of the regular coffee that Dennis and others have told me about. Maybe we just have exceptionally good Starbuckses in northern Virginia.

Speaking of sweet stuff, by the way, the new honey latte is delicious!

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