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February 26, 2008

The real war against women

When they’re sufficiently hectored by the likes of David Horowitz, [Susan] Faludi and her sisters can be temporarily roused to express some pro forma objection to “honor killings” and the like. But only for a moment, and then it’s back to the usual dreary myopic parochial preoccupations. I appreciate that to Ms. Faludi I will always be as revoltingly patriarchal as a 1950s sitcom dad. Yet there is something not just boring but grotesque in Western feminists’ inability to prioritize. They seem implicitly to have accepted a two-tier sisterhood, in which white, upscale, liberal women twitter about NR columnists’ appalling misogyny in criticizing a female Bush-administration official, while simultaneously the women of the fastest-growing population group in the Western world are forced into clitoridectomies, forced into burqas, forced into marriage, forced into psychiatric wards, forced into hiding — and, if all else fails, forced off the apartment balcony by their brothers and fathers to fall to their deaths, as has happened to at least seven Muslim girls in Sweden recently. This is the real “war against women” being waged across the Western world, but, like so much of the Left, a pampered and privileged sisterhood would rather fight pseudo-battles over long-vanquished enemies.

Mark Steyn, "Hypocrite Sister," National Review (subscription only)

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Pinon Coffee

Hear, hear.


Of course they are shallow, hypocritical, historically ignorant, and intellectually unhinged. I sometimes wonder why we waste so many words marveling at how nutty the nuts are. The more interesting question is what is driving them, psychologically?

Steve (SBK)

There is no driver.



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