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February 28, 2008

More on Buckley and Norman

Here's Christianity Today's obituary for Larry Norman (classic line: "He really could've been a star if he were singing about something other than Jesus"), and here's their review of his last concert. Also, here's a message from his brother. At the bottom of this post is a video of one of his performances.

CT is also rerunning an old interview with William F. Buckley, as is Books & Culture, one of CT's sub-publications. (Is that a word? I think I hear the great man turning in his grave. . . .) The New York Times's obituary for Buckley is here.

Many thanks to Martha for helping collect all these.

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Denny Hartford

On one of the Vital Signs Blog posts today, I make a few comments and then link to a radio interview I did with Larry back in 2002. In it, he talks about his mixing contemporary music with his Christianity way back in the 1950s, his difficulty with even his father, his healing of brain damage from an airplane crash, and the onset of the heart problems that eventually took his life. Larry's fans might want to listen in. (http://www.vitalsignsministries.org/


I just posted a song on Gina's "Sell Me a Song" from the old Rocker Larry Norman. (Didn't realize he had just died.)

"We're Only Visiting This Planet" was a big ALBUM to many of us at college...

God bless you Larry.

You are one of the people i will look up in heaven - Your song "I wish we'd all been ready" helped me go forward to meet Jesus years back.

You probably NEVER met my Norwegian american Grandma, but it's as if you & she did a duet to call me to meet the Jewish Carpenter.

Larry, you translated the Gospel into the language of the Baby Boomer teens - God bless you AGAIN!

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