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February 25, 2008

Mark of the beast?

Tattoodisplay We report, you decide. One thing's for sure, the real mark of the beast couldn't be much weirder than this.

Via The Corner

(Image © Physorg.com)

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So the arm version has good geek cred (except for the possibility of putting on a jacket and accidentally dialing Tokyo), but I think the forehead version has real possibilities: no more of those "Hi! My name is..." badges at conventions. And for singles, your friends could send pickup lines via texting if you're tongue-tied.
But one software bug could ruin your day; imagine if the boss could see what you really think...

Samuel X

Hmmm. I'm going to say no until people start refusing to sell to anyone who doesn't have a cool electric tattoo.

In other news, blood-powered electronics sounds like a quite fantastic technology!


How could christians fall for this sham when Revelation 15:2 states that the mark of the beast is something we must personally overcome, and then gain victory over through the blood of the lamb. This description and wording seem to depict mans fallen nature in which John is speaking of, and not a computer implant in which many people speculate. Did Christ die for our sins, or did he die for computer implants? Rediculous theology that millions of christians have fallen both line ansd sinker.
Here is the rational truth about this subject coming directly from the Bible.

The mark originated with Cain, in the old testiment. Cain who killed his brother Abel and sought to cover his sin by hiding his crime. God asked, where is thy brother? Cain said, I know not, am I my brothers keeper? Cain was then marked after becoming the first example of this Satanic beastly example God detests.

God then cursed the works of Cains hands when the ground he tilled no longer brought forth her streangth. A bad economy followed. Thus we identify this mark by Gods curse upon Cains right handed works. Why? Cain had yielded himself to Satans power.

It was Satan who was symbolized in the Bible as being the cursed beast (the Serpent) in the garden of Eden.

A type of snake bight or mark identifying the evil nature Satan had injected into mans fallen nature was depicted.

Later we learn in the new testiment that these kind of people who follow after Cains nature are also called Beasts. “Jude 1.

An even clearer example is exemplified when Joseph’s eleven brothers sought to kill Joseph and sell him as a slave into Egypt. The brothers hid this terrible sin from their father Jacob by killing a wild beast and placing this animals blood upon Joseph’s coat of many colors, an actual beasts bloodstain. The brothers then lied to Jacob, and showed Jacob Joseph’s famous coat with the marked bloodstain on it, this evidence convinced Jacob that his birthright son was truly dead. The secret plan Jacob knew not, was that that mark upon Joseph’s coat was really the “mark of the beast” and not from Josephs torn body .

The mark of the beast becomes a deception which hides and removes Gods will, and replaces Gods will with Satans deception and plan. It was Gods will that Joseph become the birthright son. Suddenly Joseph is removed from sight by a hidden cover up, by a mark from a beast, or hidden lie.

The brothers sold Joseph to the Egyptians for money. Thus buying and selling the beastly mark for gain. The interpretation of an anti christ is to remove Christs will, and then replace it with the mark of the beast, or Satans power.

Selling out God through a lie. When Nebuchadnezzar forced the world to worship his golden God in Babylon, he used the power of the state to replace the true authority of God with another manmade lie.

Nebuchadnezzar also used Gold or money to build his God, and sell out the worship of the true God.. Again replacing Christs will on earth with Satans beastly mark.

After imposing this sin of pride God curses Nebuchadnezzar with the nature of the beast. Read Daniel chapter four. Nebuchadnezzar was marked in a similar way to Cain, being removed from men, becoming insane like a wild beast.

He later repented after 7 years of going through a terrible withdrawl process from an evil addiction of being power hungry with pride. The 666 number in scripture identifies Nebuchadnezzars statue in time with its exact size. The statue was gold, which represents Nebuchadnezzar himself as representing the gold by Daniel. “Daniel 2.” King Nebuchadnezzar was literally the 600 BC man. The entire world represents his power given to this one single man in 600 BC. His giant golden image was carefully measured exactly 60 cubits high and 6 cubits wide.”Daniel 3:1″. This event marked Babylonian attempt to replace God with six hundred and three score and six. The 600 BC man.


In otherwords you can find the answer to the worlds greatest mystery right inside your very own Bible.

After Nebuchadnezzar over come and gained victory over this beastly nature, God freed the the beast of Babylon from the evil mark. Evil men today are seeking to remove God given American freedoms by replacing “one nation under God” with a beastly state supported socialism, in order to make slaves of free Americans. The same spirit of Babylon today has returned , it once again is seeking to remove our God, and replace him with a golden money God of the state.

They are again setting up a God of gold made from the banking system. Why? To force us to worship this golden God of state or be fired, or removed and destroyed through political correctness. No man Nor women in America can buy or sell, or have a job unless he or she is contributing to this evil BABYLON, GROWING RAPIDLY WITHIN OUR OWN COUNTRY. LOOK AT THE TAXATION AND THE BAILOUTS NOW GOING ON BECAUSE OF FREDDY AND FANNY. No one is calling to place Kriss Dodd nor Barney Frank in jail for helping to cause this world banking crisis.. Instead, they and their friends have all been placed in charge of this bail out money…Every man, every women, and every child born today, including the unborn, must now pay money for an out of control national debt placing America forever on the hook. Untold billions now go directly into the social democrats hands to transform America, and change it into one nation under a liberal god. The anti christ nobody is yet looking for.
Another modern god of gold, like unto the 666 god in 600 BC is now being constructed for Americans to sacrifice for and be forced to worship. All small and great , rich and poor, must now sacrifice for its construction for the creation of change… Remember Obama declaring that all Americans must sacrifice for his change? We are now changing America into a modern beast of Babylon, by the use of our own right hand works, and our own money being robbed. This has all been made possible through the lies planted within our own foreheads, or decieved minds.

What kind of evil beast got into half of America’s foreheads, or intellects, and caused them to vote for their own slavery? Millions of votes were cast against a free America? It was an evil beast which decieved their minds through lies coming from the politically correct media. The mark of evil power came from these votes being directed through the peoples right hands, and from their foreheads.

Now all of us are forever on the hook unless we can awaken our fellow christians to this lie!
Please help get this new biblical understanding to as many christians as possible. Why? They have also been decieved by thousands of money grabbing preachers who have downloaded the wrong understanding of the mark of the beast! These decieved christians are still waiting for a computer chip implant, when the mark is already upon them. Watch the online video from start to finish, and understand the basis behind Babylons mark.today.. Click
http://www. eternaltruth. net

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