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February 29, 2008

Homeless Christianity

Michael Gerson, writing on young evangelicals trying to find their place in the political spectrum:

If evangelical Christianity were identical to any political movement, something would be badly wrong. It is supposed to look toward a kingdom not of this world, one without borders, flags or end. And by this standard, homelessness is a natural state.

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Jason Taylor

That's fine as far as it goes. But isn't that comment too often meant to mean "you vote Republican more often then I like?"

Gina Dalfonzo

From some people, yes, definitely. But probably not from Gerson.

I like the passage because it can apply to a number of things, particularly to the arts and entertainment. Christians can't get completely and uncritically comfortable with mainstream entertainment, for obvious reasons -- but then we created an even bigger problem by creating our own little Christian subculture and getting too comfortable with that. All that brought us is substandard art and entertainment and a feeling that the world should be making everything "safe" for our benefit. (I've been reading John Fischer a lot lately, can you tell? ;-) )

Detachment, as Dorothy L. Sayers mentioned in "Gaudy Night," is a rare and overlooked but much-needed virtue. I think maybe we need to be able to create a bit of a distance from which we can admire and appreciate but also critique when necessary.

Jason Taylor

I suppose I would agree with that.


I thought we had the Son of Man lifted up, that all Men might be drawn to Him?

No standard? Hah!

Gina Dalfonzo

Who said there was no standard?

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