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February 27, 2008

Goodbye, good men

William F. Buckley and Larry Norman probably could not have been much more different, but they've both had an incalculable and invaluable influence on the world and on Christians in particular, including many of us here at BreakPoint. And now both are gone: Norman on Sunday morning, Buckley this morning. Hearing them mentioned together this way brings home to me how great it is that God made us all so different, and that He values, uses, and celebrates our differences.

John Fischer's eloquent tribute to Norman is here. Over at The Corner and on NRO's homepage, staffers and friends of Buckley are sharing their reminiscences.

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Gina Dalfonzo

It's probably bad form to be the first commenter on your own post, but I could not resist pointing out this particular e-mail that Kathryn Lopez received from a reader and posted at The Corner:

"I am saddened by the passing of William F. Buckley, but our loss is Heaven's gain, and I'm sure the Good Lord told his angels to 'Bring me a dictionary, Buckley's coming.'


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