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February 28, 2008

An Act of Malfeasance

One man in Sweden is now serving time for his criminal act of aggression toward his girlfriend and their baby. 

No Name decided he wasn't ready for fatherhood, and decided to kill his baby by surreptitiously lacing his lover's food with baby-killing drugs.

And he got his way. Subsequently, his girlfriend had an abortion because she feared the baby had been "damaged" by the drugs.

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Kim, I'm not so sure the act of aggression was (legally) toward both the girlfriend and her (ahem) baby. Does a fetus have legal person status, in Sweden?

I mean, *you* know, and *I* know, that his target was the baby. But did the Swedish court see it that way, or more like a case of domestic assault?

If they really saw him as attempting to murder the baby, then what's to differentiate his act from hers, unless hers can be justified as euthanasia?

An interesting case - thanks for writing about it.

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