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January 31, 2008

The Point Radio: A Good Man is Hard to Find

Is a good man really that hard to find?...

Click play above to listen.

Here are a few more resources for thriving in singleness:

Lori Smith, The Single Truth, Destiny Image (2001).

Leigh McLeroy, The Beautiful Ache: Finding the God who Satisfies when Life Does Not, Revell (2007).

Connally Gilliam, Revelations of a Single Woman: Loving the Life I Didn’t Expect, Saltriver (2005).

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Grizzly Bear Mom

Part of Christian single womens' frustration is that they are taught to prepare for a 1950 lifestyle of not intimidating men with their career, intelligence or financial success so they can get married someday. Doesn’t the bible require us to teach women to be good stewards of their intellectual, financial, etc., gifts, and to prepare for whatever life brings instead of waiting for Prince Charming? Isn't there something wrong with the way we are raising men if they need to be coddled in this manner? Instead why not prepare men for the phenomenal women who are out there? I believe that healthy people search for peers who stimulate them, whether they are same or opposite sex.
Signed Grizzly Bear Mom, M.S., CPT, Homeowner, etc…

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