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January 29, 2008

The company we keep

Call me a grudge-holder if you will. But there is something deeply wrong with a society when its politicians are scrambling over each other to collect the endorsement of a man like Edward "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy.

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The endorsement may make it easier to decide who NOT to vote for!



There goes Sen. Obama's "Honesty in Government" plea, now that he's accepted an endorsement by a crook.

Remember Chappaquiddick! Remember the injustice of it. Vote accordingly.

Right on, Gina!


makes no difference - I intended and intend to vote for Obama. I find it hard to imagine anyone being worse than the current occupant. Senator Obama is an exciting prospect to whom I look forward.


Not such a different criteria to use when criticizing the Clinton's in their role as Senator, or former President.

It's apparently what happens when America allows personalities rather than expectations of office people hold to define importance of what is said.

If a nation is about laws, can it afford to dwell too much on personalities to direct government? If we are a nation of laws, not of men (or women), it must be the status held that deserves the esteem, not necessarily the person.

benjamin ady

Wow! I hadn't read about the chappaquiddick incident before. So here is a man who has spent decades as a public servant, who said about the incident:

"I was overcome, I'm frank to say, by a jumble of emotions -- grief, fear, doubt, exhaustion, panic, confusion and shock."

He wondered "whether some awful curse actually did hang over all the Kennedys".

I wish we could hear our current president say something along these lines about the Iraq War, which has led to the death of not one but hundreds of thousands of innocents.

I'm saddened that you are choosing to still be holding a grudge. Is that at all painful for you?

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