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January 31, 2008

Re: Prevent MY Murderous Thoughts


Firefox. There is no reason or excuse for using IE. Period.


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Amen to that! I heart Firefox.

Steve (SBK)

You're supposed to catch these!
It should be "I ♥ Firefox".

(Just kidding. :P
For anyone who cares: ALT-3 [on the number pad gives you the ♥]).



Two things:

First, the Mozilla folks are obviously poor marketers. Smart, though crass, marketers would know their audience well enough to name their rebel-browser product the "Foxfire" rather than the "Firefox", for reasons that I can't go into here. Let's just say Mozilla Foxfire lends itself to organically created nicknames (of questionable morality) in ways that Mozilla Firefox does not.

Though naming the product after a terrible Clint Eastwood movie - which I admittedly thought was absolutely awesome at the time - ain't so great either.

Second, I worry that Mozilla may actually be pronounced "mo-zi-ya" and mean "the means by which we Puerto Rican freedom fighters wrest the entire nation from the stinking occupiers who won't let us become the 51st state."

"Can we take over the 50 States? Si se pueda!"

I need you to level with me here. Is that what it means? Look, I'll still use the product; I just want your promise that you'll put in a good word for me when Puerto Rican Dawn arrives.

PR Forces: "Can we kill the obnoxious, gel-headed blogger boy from Virginia?"

Roberto: "Si se pueda!!!"


I've had firefox freeze up and crash on me 5-10 times this week. I'm not doing anything crazy, I've had 2 or 3 tabs up etc. I'm starting to wonder if Firefox is now getting as bloated and complex as IE is.

I was an early supporter of firefox, but the only benefit to me was the speed and stability. It seems that is gone now to.



Uh oh.

I think what Jesse's saying is "Firefox is about as impressive as the Clint Eastwood movie Firefox about Clint stealing a MiG."

Not a rave review.

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