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January 31, 2008

Re: Getting Lost

Psych I so need to get you people hooked on Psych with me, and into some pure mindless fun. I'm completely burned out on TV drama for all the reasons that frustrated Lost fans are always citing for their frustrations. My fragile psyche (no pun intended) simply cannot take one more tortured character or angst-filled, continuity-smashing plot twist.

Of course I'm excepting my Tuesday night habit, House, but as my best friend with the health-care-related background constantly reminds me, that's far more fantasy than drama. (Breast cancer in the knee? As Shawn Spencer would say: ". . . Really?")

(Image courtesy of USA Network)

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My cousin brought down Psych when she came to visit with her family and my aunt. Very good. I've been meaning to watch some more of it so no complaints for your recruiting efforts from me!


Gina, I have to agree with you. Psych is definitely one of our favorite shows. It's a great diversion during the week and doesn't grow old after repeated viewings. In fact, the dialogue is so rapid-fire at times it's worth it to go back and watch an episode several times to make sure that I pick up on all the jokes and pop culture references.

Michael Snow

I got about 2 minutes into it before "...he slept with Mariana at his own mother's funeral..."
Yup, that's hollywood.

"Be careful little eyes what you see..."


Bring it on! Gina, no convincing needed - my wife and I are right there with you on Psych. Go, Shawn and Gus! Go, Corbin playing crotchety know-it-all dad!


I must agree that "Psych" is great even though at first (until I watched it) had reservations about yet another "psychic" type show. Another GREAT show & one my most FAVS is "Monk" - from one OCD to another....lol

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