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January 31, 2008

Prevent My Murderous Thoughts: Help Me with IE!!

Please, someone tell me that they know how to solve the Internet Explorer Shutting Down On Me Every Stinking Day At The Worst Time And For No Apparent Reason problem.

The error message is this: "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem (the same one you've been having for most of the last year of awful computing) and needs to close (for the third time today). We are sorry for the (absurd and inexcusable) inconvenience (but are thankful that you have no other good options except for that fringe browser hilariously named by combining the words 'monkey' and 'godzilla')."

Parentheticals added (to little effect) by me.

The obligatory Christian worldview angle on this request is that you will help me to stop thinking wicked thoughts about a certain software giant located in Washington state.

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Joe Dalfonzo

ditch ie and move to Foxfire - free, robust, and much more user friendly


The Monkey/Godzilla folk have produced Firefox (possibly recalling a Samson exploit? Dunno.) that blows away IE.

There's also a Wagnerian one favored by Mac folk, but I don't use it myself.

The only way to get Mickeysoft to improve their stuff is to switch to something else. They understand a drop in market share (which should also appeal to someone well versed in economics, such as yourself).


No guarantees it will work, but you can try this: up at the top where it says "File", "Edit" and so on, click on "Tools", then on "Internet Options". Under "Temporary Internet files", try "Delete Files" and see if that helps. If it doesn't, try "Delete Cookies" BUT BEWARE THAT THIS WILL CAUSE IE TO FORGET STUFF ABOUT WEBSITES YOU COMMONLY VISIT. I.e. (heh), use it only as a last resort.

Firefox can be quickly downloaded and installed from here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ You can then stick your tongue out at the little blue "e", while thinking what a wonderful world it would be if fewer technologists were atheists, and instead did their work "as unto the Lord".


I wish I could tell you how to fix the IE annoyance, short of going to the big "M" and seeing what they have to say on the matter. I'm assuming that you've already done that.

As mentioned in the previous posts, is using Firefox as a browser an option for you? It works well for most sites I visit.

Have you checked out something like PC World magazine's
"Answer Line" - answer@pcworld.com,
"PCW Forum" - forums@pcworld.com,
or such?

(I'm a PC World subscriber and had these contacts at hand.)


If you don't like firefox, which it sounds like you don't for some reason, there is also Opera: http://www.opera.com/

Steve (SBK)

Two things:
1) Unless you really *need* IE (i.e., the webpage only works with IE, Firefox is a good alternative.
2) If you like IE better and want to keep using it, I've found that not leaving it open for days avoids these kinds of problems. (i.e., you leave your computer/browser on overnight for a week). At the same time, I've noticed Firefox slowly builds up the amount of RAM it uses if left open for days - but no crashing. Likely the cause of your IE woes are some conflicting software that is wanting to access the same memory at the same time. Nice robust response there IE.


It may be helpful to look for patterns in the crashes. Do they happen on a particular page or when you do a particular action in IE (or another program)?

Do you have a reasonably powerful computer with a recent version of IE (with the latest updates installed)? If you have too many programs open and your PC isn't fast or doesn't have a lot of RAM, that might potentially cause IE or other applications to crash.

Firefox is a good alternative browser but some websites have features that aren't compatible with Firefox. IE - when it doesn't crash - provides the broadest compatibility.



Not to be picky but IE providing the broadest compatibility is only technically true. Firefox, Mozilla, and Opera render webpages much closer to the recommended W3C spec for HTML.

If a given page 'works' better in IE that is because the developer of that page wrote the code specifically for IE instead of for all browsers. ie: they didn't write their html code to spec.

Sorry, but this is a sore spot for me. I'm a web designer and IE is nothing but a constant source of frustration with the way it handles code vs. how it ought to handle code.


I'm with Joe and Steve - I have found Firefox to be far more stable and less of a drag on memory than IE, especially IE7. I'm currently participating in the Beta for Firefox 3 and the beta hasn't crashed in two weeks.

Jason Ibrahim

I've been using FF almost exclusively for 4 years now, and am continually impressed with how much better it is in comparison to IE, *especially* for web developers like me who need some of the more analytical tools that can dissect a page's HTML.

I'd have to say though that having IE within click's reach is important. With IE still the 800-pound gorilla, market share-wise, many sites code for IE, and throw standards by the wayside.


Browser Wars! (Cue the John Williams theme.) Allen Skywalker is suddenly surrounded by a host of Obi Wans and Yodas, all shouting "Use the 'fox!"


I've been offline all day since posting and I come back to an absolute clamor for Firefox. I can't say I anticipated this; I mean for goodness sake I mocked the thing from the get-go and you all are STILL pounding me relentlessly. There must be something to this methinks.

I guess I'm going to have to download the sucker, use it for a few days, and provide a full review.

But if I go through all that and it stinks, someone's going to pay! Now, since I have no idea how to make any of YOU pay, I'll have to find someone nearby at PFM and make them pay.

I'm thinking fellow Point contributor Jeff Peck, since his office is next door. Perhaps some Diet Coke on his keyboard when he steps out of his office.

Hey, that sounds fun. That might *also* be the way I celebrate a very successful test of Monkey Godzilla!

Either way, it's a Diet Coke bath for Jeff's keyboard - yeehaw!


Allen, perhaps it was just the shake up that results from the intermittent electrical lapses here at PFM. Today, while riding up to the third floor alone in the elevator, I suddenly had a **JOLT** as the electricity went off momentarily, causing the elevator to drop suddenly a la some ride at Walt Disney.

I'm sure my eyebrows nearly lifted off my head and that it would have been amusing to see me reaching out my arms for some form of balance. God's little reminder of how much we depend on him to make the world go 'round?

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