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January 29, 2008

Bringing WHAT back to Narnia?

As one of my colleagues points out, there is something not quite right about putting Narnia and sexy in the same sentence. And I don't care how snarky Philip Pullman gets about it.

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Eric Novak

I totally agree. If Lewis had wanted "sexy" in Narnia he would have put it in there himself.

Barnes isn't sexy, he is supposed to play the role of a kid prince! Get a life if you have to add sexy to everything.

Eric Novak

Pinon Coffee

Hear, hear! "Sexy" is a seriously overused adjective. And it definitely doesn't belong in Narnia.

Justin Timberlake

What??? Listen, there's nothing more important than bringing Sexy Back.

Got it?!!

Sheesh, you prudes don't know nuthin...

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