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January 30, 2008

Bleak House...Er, Country

“The future for Britain is grim,” said Rosemary Sookdeo, author of Secrets Behind the Burqa, a sad and telling look at women under Islam.

Why grim, Rosemary?

  • Maybe because England is recognizing sharia law (the kind that supports floggings, stonings, and cutting off of hands) as applied to marriages, divorces, and mortgages, AND funding Muslim schools.
  • Or perhaps because a shocking number of British (and American) Christian women are marrying Muslim men and converting to Islam every year.
  • Or because Muslims are buying in England's stock exchange, and threatening to undermine the entire British economic system.
  • Or maybe because there are more than 10 honor killings every year in the UK (and those are only the ones that have been reported).
  • If these reasons aren't scary enough, these will be.

As England comes under Islam's sway, it might find itself confronting a new slavery. Where is William Wilberforce when we need him?

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Michael Snow

"Many British Muslims Put Islam First"

Would that many American Christians put Christ first.

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