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December 20, 2007

Woman Escapes Polygamist Marriage

Carolyn_jessop_1023 We always knew polygamy was weird. Now we know it's frightening.

And check out Carolyn Jessop's interview with Diane Rehm about her new release, Escape.

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What a riveting story. Thank you, Zoe.

I wonder how the atheists Hitchens, Dawkins and Harris would react if we Christians offered to partner with them to stop the abuse of boys and girls from groups like the FLDS. I wonder, if we said "Christopher Hitchens, we agree that the FLDS is just the sort of thing you're railing against. We're creating an organization similar to the International Justice Mission, to use the law to help the victims and prevent future victims of this religion. Will you help us?", would he enthusiastically respond?


How can people be held in virtual slavery under U.S. laws?? That is incredible.

Polygamy. Ew.

Diane Singer

Frightening is the right word. I remember a missionary friend in Africa telling me that she oftens asks the women there if they like polygamy. She said that they all say "no" -- they hate it. Those women truly don't have a choice since they live in Muslim societies, but it's an outrage that American women should be in the same plight.

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