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December 27, 2007

What’s in the bookbag?

We didn't get around to making a recommended book list for your Christmas enjoyment, but we'd love to know what our commenters are reading right now. What books did you find under the tree, or take with you to Grandma's, or just sit around at home reading, this Christmas?

Also, in the spirit of this rather mind-boggling article that we mentioned in a recent roundup, it's been suggested that we expand the question a little. Along with what's in the bookbag, we'd like to know, what's in the iPod or the CD player?

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I'm reading "God and Government"(Chuck Colson)and finding it difficult to put down. My iPod is loaded with Bebo Norman's Christmas album right now. It's incredible!


I am reading three books at once: "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" by Michael Chabon, "Renovation of the Heart" by Dallas Willard, and "Hard Times," by Charles Dickens. I have been listening to Jars of Clay's "Christmas Songs" as well as some sermons on CD and the radio.


I am reading the Inconvenient Truth about Global Warming. I listen to Christian radio, read the Bible and attend service. I teach Kindergarten Sunday School

Jason Ibrahim

I got two books and a CD for Christmas (all three recommended):

Me, Myself and Bob: Phil Vischer's engrossing book about the rise and fall of Big Idea Productions (haven't finished it yet).

The Twilight Zone Companion: Marc Scott Zicree's must-have companion to the TV series.

Let it Snow, Baby, Let it Reindeer: Relient K's latest Christmas album.

J.R. Silverthorne

I'm listening to the following podcasts:
Way of the Master
Open Line
White Horse Inn
Stand to Reason
Talking it Over

I'm currently reading:
The Apologetics Study Bible (currently in Genesis)
What a Daughter Needs from her Father by ? Farris


Excellent topic!
I'm trying to learn one of there cool palm devices, (thanks to Jeff B. for being gracious and supplying me with one). I have loaded several books. In adobe reader I have Weapon of prayer-bounds,A plain account of christian perfection-Wesley,and on my Bible reader I have The deeper christian life-Murray,The practice of the presence of God-Lawrence, and Fox's book of martyrs-Forbush. I also cut and paste some of my favorite blogs (there's probably an easier way to do that);)

Doug Kimball

Listening to Joe Henry's Tiny Voices of late. Also some tracks from The White Stripes' Icky Thump.


Just started "Science & Faith: Friends or Enemies" by C. John Collins, looks to be interesting I'm also trying to read all of the Harry Potter books. I also got a book on making wine that may prove to be fun.

Listening to, lots of crazy psychedelic electronic musicians like Shpongle, Entheogenic, and Phutuerprimitive. As well as more mainstream electronica/dance artists like Chicane and Paul van Dyk. Also some rock bands you may have heard of: Anberlin, and Angels & Airwaves.


I'm finally reading "The Beautiful Ache" by Leigh McLeroy, and wildly recommending it to everyone I know. I'm also trying to read a somewhat absurd fiction about Martha Jefferson, the wife of Thomas Jefferson, called "Dear Companion".

As for music, I've been enjoying Sleepthief's "The Dawnseeker" on last.fm, and Michelle Tumes' EP "Christmas is Here", available at her website.


I've also been listening to Let it Snow Baby, Let it Rain Dear, the Relient K Christmas CD. If you want to hear a bunch of Christian Pop-punk rockers destroy every traditional Christmas song you know, it's a good cd. And I'm reading Shane Clayborn's "Irresistable Revolution," which, at the very least, will challenge many assumptions any given American Christian doesn't even know they're making. I certainly didn't anyway.
And Angels & Airwaves, Matt? Nice.


Currently reading:
Everybody wants to go Heaven but Nobody wants to die or the Eschatology of Bluegrass by David Crowder

Currently Listening:
Straitjacket by Steven Delopoulos


I'm reading Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, partially so I can compare it to the original myth, which I had to read for a class this past semester.

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