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December 28, 2007

Resolved . . .

Things will be extra quiet around here on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, though we'll still have the Point Radio broadcasts up. So I'll ask now, on the last day of Make the Commenters Do All the Work Week (and thank you for being such great sports!): What's your New Year's resolution or resolutions this year?

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I resolve not to make any resolutions I can't keep. :o)


Rebuild our kitchen. Got all the appliances, now we need to install some of them as well as get new cabinets, counter tops, light fixture, island, and paint.


I'm trying to organize the household--one chore at a time. Life has been overwhelming with all of the clutter, etc.--I may be a hoarder--time to change!


John 15 - Abide in the Vine, have His Word constantly informing my thoughts, words, actions; loving the Lord and people, renouncing worry & fear, actively being filled with the Holy Spirit; keeping on keeping on in the Way I should go, mindful that I might get to see the Lord this year!

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