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December 17, 2007

’Lipstick on a Pig’: The rest of the story

Karen Hall finally reveals what spurred her to leave Mormonism behind. It's much more interesting (and yes, dramatic) than she gives herself credit for. Maybe especially to me, because you don't mess with me when it comes to writing, either.

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Thanks for the link over there. I must admit I've been rabidly checking for updates to her story since you first posted the link last week. I was glad - and more than relieved - when she finally finished it up today. My OCD was showing and it wasn't pretty!


A Mormon friend once revealed to me that during a Mormon wedding ceremony the husband is given a "secret name" for the wife. The husband is permitted into heaven first, and then he must call out this name for the wife to gain admittance. If he doesn't, she remains in a kind of limbo (as I recall).

My friend said he would sometime use an "exceedingly cruel" (his own words) method of ending arguments with his wife: he'd scratch his head as if puzzled, and say to her "Now what was that secret name of yours, again?" This would send her into a paroxysm of submissive and placating activity for several days.

Having read Karen's saga, when I want a chuckle I try to imagine any of The Point's female writers, and especially you, Gina, acquiescing to the Mormon program for How Women And Especially Wives Should Behave. Images of trying to bathe a fully-clawed housecat spring to mind.

One of Joseph Smith's revelations (recorded, as I recall, in Doctrine&Covenants, what Mormons refer to amusingly as "D&C") was that his wife Emma must keep silent in church. This revelation followed hard on the heels of Emma's discovery of Joseph's relationships with various females who were as young as 12.

I wonder why Emma didn't take up writing...

Gina Dalfonzo

Ah, Lee, you know us far too well. :-)

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