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December 24, 2007

How well do you know your Pointers?

Welcome to Quiz, Game, and Questionnaire Week, otherwise known as Let the Commenters Do All the Work Week! Today we have a quiz to find out just how well the Pointificators know the Pointers. We've collected some little-known facts about a few of our bloggers, which are listed below. Your job is to match up the blogger with the quirk, and put your answers in the comment section. There'll be a prize for the Pointificator who gets the most answers right. (We'll leave this open for a while to give you plenty of time to participate, so the deadline will be 12:00 a.m. on the morning of January 3. As usual, the contest is not open to PFM employees or their families.)

Note: Three -- or possibly four -- of the answers will be used twice. (One question has two possible correct answers, either of which will be counted for full credit.)

And a very merry Christmas Eve to you all!

Name That Pointer

1. This blogger was the only Poet Laureate in the history of West Virginia University.
2. This blogger once walked about New York City for five days dressed as a clown.
3. This blogger, when opening a can of tuna fish, loves to drain the juice into a cup and drink it.
4. This blogger, while working as a flight attendant, did a cartwheel down the aisle of a plane to impress a fellow flight attendant (and angered the captain so much that said blogger quit the job out of embarrassment).

5. This blogger was president of the Future Farmers of America at his or her high school.
6. This blogger is excited by fine jewelry and bright colors.
7. This blogger once spent an entire day taking apart a tractor motor, but never was able to put it back together.
8. This blogger won the Battle of Nashville Pro-Am Karate Tournament, with Chuck Norris officiating one of the matches.
9. This blogger has twenty-five teddy bears.
10. This blogger taught the Caedmon's Call lead singer his first guitar chords.
11. This blogger won first place in his or her college talent show for a drum solo, and also played drums for Tommy Shaw of Styx before Tommy hit the big time.

a. Jason Bruce
b. Gina Dalfonzo
c. Travis McSherley
d. Kim Moreland
e. Regis Nicoll
f. Jeff Peck
g. Stephen Reed
h. Faith Schwartz

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Apparently we don't know you as well as we thought we did! I wonder if any Pointificators are busily doing the research.

Gina Dalfonzo

I wonder the same thing, Beth. I had no idea we had such a mystique going. :-)


Three theories, Gina:

1. They're playing poker; no one wants to give anyone else a hint as to what the right answers might be. Since the prize is for most right answers, not for posting first, this is a wise strategy.

2. This is too much work during a Christmas break, since the answers aren't easily Googled. (And it appears that some of the answers require simple guesswork, which is frustrating after Googling for a long time.)

3. (This is my main reason for non-participation.) Discovering these answers feels a lot like cyber-stalking. If the answers were easily found as a matter of public record, disclosed by the Pointers themselves, it would be one thing. (It would also be a trivial contest.) But the fact-finding and deduction required carries with it a sense of invading their (and your) privacy.

And P.S.: I hope for your sakes the nickname "Pointers" doesn't stick, because some of us have vivid, visual imaginations - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pointer_(dog_breed)

Gina Dalfonzo

Ah, I see. That's very considerate. It honestly hadn't occurred to me that anyone thinks of privacy any more in this age of the ubiquitous Internet. Will it help if I tell you that very few of these answers can be discovered on the Internet, and that the idea was just to use your intuition and guess?

For instance, to use a hypothetical (and wrong) example: "Let's see, Gina seems like a person who would drink fish juice, so I'll put her down for that one." Not that I do; that's just an illustration of the method. It's doubtful that anyone's going to get them all right by guessing, of course, but the prize will go to the one who gets the most right -- if we can get anyone to dare to play! :-)


Oh, well, in that case, here's an to get things started:

1. g. Stephen is a WVU grad.
2. h. Faith has a self-confessed unusual sense of humor.
3. c. Travis. (Process of elimination.)
4. h. Faith's sense of humor.
5. b. Gina, the farmer's daughter, is a born leader.
6. a. Jason worked for American Apparel and Footwear.
7. b. Gina, the farmer's daughter, would confess this kind of thing.
8. a. Jason likes Ultimate Fighting.
9. d. Kim has written about teddy bears.
10. f. Jeff is on a worship team.
11. e. Regis is a drummer.

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