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December 18, 2007

Daily roundup

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Jason Taylor

Overlooked family values overlooks an elementary principal of reverence-you never say "thus saith the Lord" without a very good reason. The author is making a jeremiad, not on a great moral issue, but on solving complex budget difficulties. In doing so he is not only being hubristic but patronizing religious people with a high estimate of their gullibility. No one is desiring to neglect posterity. The question of the national debt is about dealing with an annoying problem-which if one continues the "family" analogy, is something all parents have to do, whether or not they are lazy.
And if one must make an analogy, America is not like a neer-do-well overloaded in debt and looking over his shoulder for the arrival of The Legbreaker. America is like a rich family that posseses a thriving business with a lot of assets, a lot of debts, and a high profit margin. Which is not perfect but is hardly a bad legacy to bequeath to the dynasty.

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