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December 27, 2007

Breaking news: Benazir Bhutto assassinated

The Pakistani opposition leader was shot while escaping a suicide bomber attack at a political rally.

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While a tragedy, from what I have heard, Bhutto was no saint, not much better than Musharraf really. I hope her death can open the way from someone truly good to step up.

Wishful thinking on my part, we'll see what happens...

Jason Taylor

I wonder if the suicide bomber knew he was a suicide bomber. Not all of them do.
There was one interesting case where the Russians tried to "off" the German ambassador to Turkey. The one they got to do the job was told to shoot him and then press the button in a bag that would supposedly let off a smoke screen covering his escape. It was really designed to set off a bomb to cover the Russian's tracks by killing the hapless assasin. Of course he pushed that button to soon, the German ambassador got away and the Turks managed to find out who did it-having one of the world's best secret police at the time.
That is an interesting story though it is slightly off-subject. But it shows that an awful lot of suicide bombers are not told they are committing suicide.
In any case whoever did the job was probably not a mercenary. While there are mercenary suicide bombers(pay the family), there is only so far that can go. And even if he did not intend to kill himself, a mercenary someone would use for a high-profile hit would be clever enough to think of that possibility. As it is hard to imagine someone willingly dying for Mushareff, I think he would have used a hireling to eliminate someone he found inconvenient.
Therefore it probably was an extremist group. Or at least there was one involved somewhere-for instance Mushareff could have promised favors to the godfather of some terrorist group. In any case the triggerman was probably not himself a hireling and was probably either a fool or a fanatic.

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