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November 27, 2007

Welcome aboard!

Please join me in welcoming two new bloggers to The Point! Jeff Peck is Prison Fellowship's director of publishing. Stephen Reed is our grants and foundations specialist. Their bios will be up on the bio page soon.  We're very happy to have them on the team.

A quick word about blogging here: Some of you commenters have occasionally expressed interest in joining us at The Point. While we appreciate your interest, at the moment all our bloggers are people with some connection to Prison Fellowship and BreakPoint -- current and former employees and interns, and Centurions graduates. It's possible that policy could change one of these days; if it does, I'll let you know. But should that happen, those interested in applying would need to bear in mind two things: (1) It would be a volunteer position, and (2) the selection process would be rigorous. They don't call me The Editor Who Makes Writers Weep for nothing, so -- if we ever notify you that the application process is open -- brush up those writing skills and toughen that hide!

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Dennis Babish

OOOOOH I am scared of the diabolical editor.
By the way don't let Mother Superior Martha see that you are calling us soon to be Centurions, Centurion graduates.
As she wrote we are not graduates but are certified Centurions.
Hmmm maybe the editor needs an editor. :D

Gina Dalfonzo

Ouch. :-)


So Centurions are certified...certifiable? Maybe fitting under Kim's recent post (above)?... Kidding, of course!

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