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November 26, 2007

Re: Thoughts

That's all right, Anne, we had enough poets. :-) Thanks to all who participated in our bit of post-Thanksgiving fun. Perhaps we should take Lee's suggestion and try a Limerick Day sometime. Let's see, what rhymes with Dawkins . . . ?

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Steve (SBK)

There once was a biologist: Dawkins
Whose philosophy was sham and mere mockin's
When stripped of his spite,
The Rottweiler lacked bite,
The emperor was dressed in but stockin's

Gina Dalfonzo

I had to ask. :-) Should've known one of our resident geniuses would come up with something. Nice work, Steve!

Steve (SBK)

Thanks Gina :)


A philosopher named Dawkins
Said we, from slime came walkin's
To tell the truth
When asked for proof
He turned instead to mockin's

(Thanks Steve for "mockin's"!)

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