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November 26, 2007

Poll: Christians and elections

Voters Thanks to all of you who voted in the poll about whether Christians should send their kids to public schools. We had a record-setting 998 votes in this one! The results were as follows:

15.8 percent (158 votes)
Yes, so they can be witnesses.

16.4 percent (164 votes)
Yes, so they can experience a broader community.

22.8 percent (228 votes)
No, they should be kept away from the secular influences.

19.5 percent (195 votes)
No, the academics aren't good enough.

25.4 percent (253 votes)

Our new poll, on how Christians should vote, is in the right-hand column (or should be. If it's on the lower left, you might need to try a different browser). So cast your vote to tell us how you feel about voting! If you want to say more on the subject, you can use the comment section for this post.

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