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November 29, 2007

More Conservative Warnings About Huckabee

Jonah Goldberg:

What’s troubling about The Man From Hope 2.0 is what he represents. Huckabee represents compassionate conservatism on steroids. A devout social conservative on issues such as abortion, school prayer, homosexuality and evolution, Huckabee’s a populist on economics, a fad-follower on the environment and an all-around do-gooder who believes that the biblical obligation to do “good works” extends to using government — and your tax dollars — to bring us closer to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

My question: Is this true? Is Huckabee truly a Big Government proponent? I don't keep repeating this question on The Point because I have an agenda; rather, I simply want to know. On the one hand, I like much about and in Huckabee; but this question about the degree to which he is dedicated to fiscal conservatism (which is ultimately to say "property rights") seems to linger out there. When John Fund throws darts at Huckabee, I roll my eyes. When Ramesh Ponnuru and Jonah Goldberg pull the alarm, though, I take notice.

All the same, I rarely hear compelling backing for the "Christian Left" claims against Huckabee. ] Sure, they point to Huckabee's fiscal track record as governor, but -- while this is in dire need of some serious explaining -- they never seem to quote anything he is currently saying. His current Fair Tax proposals, however unconventional one may find them, do seem conservative on their face. But maybe I'm missing something.

I'd appreciate any enlightenment any of you could bring to this matter. Upon what basis is Goldberg's characterization fair or unfair?

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While the fair tax system encourages people to save their money. One of the biggest problems of the idea is the transition to such a system. In doing so it severely penalizes those who have already been saving money.

In our current system you are taxed on the money you earn. In the fair tax system you are taxed on the money you spend. So If I have saved money that has been taxed because I already earned it, and the system switches over Now I will be taxed on that saved money if I decide to spend it. So in effect I am being taxed twice. Penalized for saving money.

The Skeptical Optimist raises this and other good points to consider about the Fair Tax system in this post: http://www.optimist123.com/optimist/2007/08/tax-me-now-and-.html


Two questions and a link:

Is it possible that these writers have an agenda?

Why is 'ideological purity' so critical, anyway?

"Huckabee is a Fiscal Conservative" by Dick Morris

Dennis Babish

I went to the website you provided and I believe that he is throwing the baby out with the bath water.
All new proposals have problems associated with them. No one has yet come up with any proposal that doesn't have some type of problem.
I agree the saving problem is a real one, but also believe it is a solvable problem. One commenter there recommended issuing new currency where the old dollar equals 1.23 new dollars.
Now I'm not saying this is a good solution but it shows that there are solutions available.
Another argument was that states with no sales tax would have a problem collecting the 23%. That is a hollow argument. With technology as it is this is a simple problem to address.
While the Fair Tax isn't a perfect answer its pluses certainly outweigh its negatives and should be considered.
Right now we have an underground economy where no income tax is being paid at all. Think drug dealers, people getting paid under the table, illegal immigrants, etc. that would all go away.
I have been impressed with Huckabee and believe he has something to offer the other candidates don't.
Based on his rising numbers others are discovering that as well.

jason taylor

wo questions and a link:

Is it possible that these writers have an agenda?

Yes: their agenda is conservativism. that's why National Review is a conservative magizine.

Why is 'ideological purity' so critical, anyway?

Because it is presumed that someone will be likly to govern in a manner that bears some approximation to his ideology. And as a citizen wants someone to govern the way he wants the State to be governed he wants him to share his ideology. To use an extreme example, a philo-semite would probably not vote for a neo-nazi not least because they have different ideas about how society should be run. Obviously this is not such an extreme example. But if one feels a politicians stated program will be harmful it is a good reason not to vote for him.

benjamin ady


I'm wondering to what you are referring with the phrase "christian left claims against huckabee"? anything specific? I looked a little and coulnd't find anything from any christian left leaders against huckabee.

thank you


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