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November 28, 2007

Daily roundup

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Regarding the new universe: If they find a large hole in space, couldn't that just be... a hole in space? Why would they have to consider it another universe? I don't see, in the article, what makes them think it's another universe as opposed to any number of other possibilities. God put a lot of neat things up there in the cosmos- no need to look to other universes to explain it away!

On the other hand, if he created other universes- I'm OK with that! I just don't see why THIS would have to be another universe.

As far as China goes... I truly hope we grant asylum to the fathers as well. Family units are meant to have both mother and father!


Interesting article about the hole in space. Luke, those cosmologists are just trying to think of reasons why that hole exists when according to currently accepted and tested theories, it shouldn't. They don't want to change their existing theories/calculations because they are right all of the time, except in this instance...

One thing that I found fascinating about the article, or maybe just occurred to as I was reading it. The hole in space is 100 Billion Light years away. That means 100 billion years ago, there was a hole in space there. That hole might not even be there anymore, or maybe it has gotten larger, only God knows. It's kinda crazy but when you look into space you're looking at the past.

Pinon Coffee

Refugee Chinese parents know the value of life. Seems to me these are the people we _want_ to immigrate here.

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