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November 27, 2007

Another Nail in Freedom’s Coffin

Medical Of all the insidious encroachments on a person’s inalienable right to exercise their conscience by various arm-twisting organizations, the newest attack by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) wins the prize. Organizationally, ACOG is aggressively pro-abortion, and is actively seeking ways to undermine pro-life physicians’ ability to practice medicine. 

ACOG has decided that if physicians believe in something other than abortion-on-demand, they will no longer be able to defend their principled objections. Please read this document carefully.

In public comments during a session concerning ACOG’s newest statement, Jonthan Imbody from the Christian Medical Association highlights several damning points about ACOG’s latest move.

1. Religious physicians would either be forced out of their ob/gyn profession or forced to disregard their conscience.
2. ACOG’s new limits force pro-life doctors to advance abortion causes despite their conscience, but the same is not true for doctors who practice abortion—they do not have to give alternatives to abortion like information about adoption.
3. Pro-life physicians will be forced to refer patients to someone who is willing to proform abortions and also have to move their practice near an abortion provider. 

We should all be concerned with ACOG’s newest attack on conscientious objections because if one segment of our population loses their rights to exercise their conscience, others just might have their rights revoked too. 

Concerned groups may be interested in signing onto a letter coordinated by the Christian Medical Association. For a copy of the letter and instructions please email Jonthan Imbody at washington@cmda.org

Individuals concerned about ACOG's policy statement against pro-life physicians' right to exercise conscience can write a short but polite and well-reasoned letter to ACOG's Executive Board Affairs -- exbd@acog.org, Government Relations -- govtrel@acog.org, or
Clinical Practice -- clinical@acog.org

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In the ACOG's paper's abstract, this sentence appears: "All health care providers must provide accurate and unbiased information so that patients can make informed decisions."

Does that mean that ACOG will start publishing information about post-abortion stress syndrome, accidental sterilization, increased probability of breast cancer, and other risks of abortion? Because if they don't, then patients aren't getting unbiased information - are they.

kim moreland

According to Jonathan Imbody, ACOG legally fought laws "requiring abortion doctors to offer informed consent information on the risks and alternatives to abortion."


Why is it that doctors and pharmacists are being forced to do things against their conscience. Are abortionists so desperate to make the world believe they are doing the right thing they have to use force to accomplish what they wont. Take the clinic which disquised itself as a management company to fool the Pro-lifers? If you're doing the right thing you shouldn't have to hide it from anyone.

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