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October 30, 2007

The Conscience of the Information Age

Yesterday in Mark Earley's Point Radio piece, No Longer Blind, he mentioned something that many of us have forgotten. During the time of the slave trade, many people in England were actually quite ignorant of the conditions of the slave trade and of the slavery that Africans had to endure. When William Wilberforce began campaigning against the slave-trade, his first order of business was educating people.

Today, in the midst of the information age, we don't have the same excuses. But we do have the tendency to let all the information we're continually inundated with numb us to what we should be paying attention to. As Christians, it's our job to act as the conscience of the Information Age. Bringing to people's attention the real moral issues that we should not ignore.

In that spirit, I want to recommend to you a piece from this weekend's New York Times detailing the new slave trade. Take the time to read this piece and pass it along to your friends and co-workers. Then take the time to pray for the women who are caught up in this sex trade. Pray for groups like IJM that are working overseas to close in on trading rings and shut them down. And pray also and ask God if there is anything he would have you do to help combat this evil.

I'm curious if any of our readers know of ministries that reach out to prostitutes or know of ways that local churches might get involved in helping women get out of this life. As the columnist points out, we are ignorant if we assume that all the women involved are there by choice.

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I would also be interested in finding ways that we can ACT in addition to praying, though I will certainly be doing that.

Another form of slavery can be found in sweatshop labor and I think we as Christians should be concerned about what is done to bring us the products we use. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071029/ap_on_bi_ge/britain_gap_child_labor


I am interested in finding out if there are Christian organizations that work to combat slavery (or illegal trafficking) in THIS country. I have been trying to do research on this subject and find little information. One estimate is that around 15,000 people a year are brought to the US each year to be slaves or the next closest thing. I live in southern Florida which is apparently one of the worst areas. I did just pick up the book Nobodies which deals with this subject, but it not a Christian book.


I adopted a child from an underage AMERICAN girl who (most likely per the social worker) was a SLAVE - and the father listed on the record was NOT the father but (most likely) her pimp.

I adopted my sweet little boy - now 9 thru the county foster care system.

Whether she was coerced, or emotionally bound, she was a child of the foster care system herself.

Amongst other things, I plan to gradually unfold to my son why he needs to treat ALL women with respect.

And if he is able to meet his birth mom (when he is BIG and noone can easily steal him) I want him to RESPECT the woman who was the underage girl who carried him to term.

Gina Dalfonzo

Thanks, all of you, for those great comments and questions. I'm doing a little research on anti-trafficking organizations in this country, and will get back to you as soon as I can.

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