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October 26, 2007

Take a hanky

Bella2 . . . if you go to see Bella. Martha, Zoe, Travis, two other PFM colleagues, and I took a field trip to the movie theater this afternoon (yeah, this job has its moments). In the dark I couldn't see if I was the only one sitting there blubbering; I won't ask for confessions, and it's possible I may be the wussiest one in the bunch.

There were various critiques of the soundtrack (excellent) and the timeline (sometimes a little confusing) and so forth afterwards, such as you usually get with a crowd of overanalyzers like us, but my overwhelming impression was that it was a beautiful story, beautifully told, and deserving of those honors and awards from all the film festivals. (And if you still need a reason to go, Travis pointed out that an actress from Heroes had a small role.)

Oh, and the tagline at the movie's website is singularly appropriate.

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Doug Rigdon

My wife and I saw Bella last night and were very impressed. The acting was great. The writing was wonderful with enough mysteries to keep you thinking. The cinematography. The tremendous moral messages of love, life, family and sacrifice were uplifting.

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