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October 29, 2007

Re: Take a Hanky

Gina, I agree. Definitely worth your $10, or $8 (depending on when you go).

My take on Bella is that it contained all the elements necessary for a classic romantic comedy (a.k.a. chick flick of the year). However, it was all that and none of it at the same time. Sure, there was chasing through the New York subway system. There was the Meet-the-Parents-style dinner, playful younger brother and matronly Mexican mother included. And, there was a long walk along the beach.

It could have been happily ever after. And it was, but not because the guy gets the girl. Rather, the guy gets--well, I'll let you figure it out.


At the end of the film, we were all wondering, where did she go for five years? But that's what made the film so effective. In real life, a crisis pregnancy doesn't end in a whirlwind romance, a perfect marriage, and a handsome gentleman willing to adopt the baby. But, maybe it could end in one of those (and I'm not going to spoil that one either).

And it can always end in life...

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Gina Dalfonzo

Financially, Bella was "the surprise of the weekend," with one of the highest per-screen averages:



I am very excited that Bella is doing well. My wife and I attended a screening in our city this weekend. I was primed, ready to really enjoy the film, hanky in hand. (And generally speaking, I cry more than my wife at movies.) However, I found that I was disappointed. And I am still struggling to articulate why. My wife cried buckets. I felt unmoved at best, and manipulated at worst. I also know that the movie will move on the hearts of many people.

Gina Dalfonzo

That's an interesting reaction, Paul. Manipulated in what way?

My biggest criticism -- almost my only criticism -- was of the scene on the beach. When Nina started to talk about her father's death and her reactions, she sounded as if she were reading out of a Psychology 101 textbook ("all that grief turned into resentment," etc.). I thought that part of the dialogue fell rather flat and weakened the scene. Other than that, though, most of the interactions felt very natural to me.

Did anyone else here see the movie this weekend? What did you think?


Now that I am thinking about it, manipulated is too strong of a word. I really just wanted to _love_ the film, and I found that I just didn't feel anything. I was honestly surprised and disappointed. I really wanted to connect with the character of Jose and I felt that the script didn't allow me to. That said, I don't want to discuss the issues that I had with the film because I do want everyone to go see it. It is a good movie. Not perfect, but there really are no perfect movies.

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