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October 29, 2007

Maybe We Should Ask

Wrapribb I was researching a piece about pornography for White Ribbon Against Pornography Week (Oct. 28 through Nov. 4) when I came across this little tidbit from Morality in Media:

There was a time when the country could rely on vigorous enforcement of federal and state obscenity laws. That changed in 1993, when the Clinton/Reno Justice Department dropped the adult obscenity ball and opened the gates for the flood tide of filth that has engulfed the country to this day. Before 1993, prosecutions . . . left the pornographers reeling...The porn business trade paper Adult Video News endorsed Clinton for reelection in 1996, citing his "hands-nearly-off porn policy." Clinton won and, in March 1998, AVN crowed, 'ITS A GREAT TIME TO BE AN ADULT RETAILER...

Some of you may be thinking, "There goes Anne, all set to attack poor old Hillary again." Well, I'm not! I'm just saying, maybe we should ask what presidential candidates plan to do about pornography.

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