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October 30, 2007


Quick question, readers -- I'm hearing that there may be a problem with our display. Could you please take a moment and answer this in the comment section: Are you seeing the Point Radio graphic, the opinion poll, "Recent Posts," and "Recent Comments" in the right-hand column here on the homepage, or are you seeing them elsewhere on the page?


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David Bromberg

I see them all on the left at the very bottom of the page. IE 6.0 is probably the culprit.

Steve (SBK)

RHS, as expected


I'm seeing those items at the bottom of the left-hand column.

Curtis Ferrell

Right side - looks good. BTW, I'd like a button where I could subscribe to The Point Radio Podcast.


right side in IE 7.0 and FF 2.0


I'm also seeing them on the bottom left of the page.


Yep--bottom left.


Right hand column. (running Safari)

Gina Dalfonzo

Thanks again to all of you who've answered. We're trying to figure out if it's a browser problem. If you're seeing it on the left and you haven't yet said which browser you're using, could you please tell us that?


I'm using the latest Firefox, and they are where they should be, though the poll is obscured, as it is in Flash, and I've got a flashblocker.

HTML is quite capable of handling polls without recourse to dangerous code that can transmit virii.

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