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October 31, 2007


Our own Catherine Claire has given us permission to announce her engagement to Mark Larson. Mark is a senior accountant for the International Center for Journalists, currently finishing up classes for his seminary degree. He and Catherine share a passion for sharing the love of Christ with others. They also share (heaven help us!) the same sense of humor.

Despite the fact that Mark has lured Catherine to the Dark Side -- i.e., made a Red Sox fan out of her -- we're thrilled for them both and wish them all the best!

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David Wayne

Many congrats Catherine!

And hey, it's no big deal to convert to a Red Sox fan, but don't ever, ever, under any circumstances let him sway you away from the Gators - that would be a tragedy.


Thanks my jolly-bloggin friend. No that's the leave and cleave part, I think. He has to leave other college football and basketball affiliations and cleave to the Gators. I have to leave other baseball affiliations and cleave to the Red Sox. :-)

David Wayne

Alright - glad you've got that straightened out here at the beginning - he gets a three time national champion team and you get a two time world series winner - not bad!

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