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October 26, 2007

Call me a Playa Hater . . .

. . . but I derived much pleasure from Matt Welch's skewering of our idiotic celebrity culture and the media [rhymes with bores, that's right: smores] who drive it.

There's a hoary old joke about newspaper political correctness in the form of a semi-plausible headline: "World Ends Tomorrow!" Women, minorities hardest hit!" Although the genre it skewers definitely exists (for a classically Californian example from this year, click here), I wonder after four days of fire coverage whether it hasn't been positively dwarfed by its inverse. Instead of bemoaning a catastrophe's effect on society's least powerful (who, almost by definition, are "hardest hit" by most everything), the hated Mainstream Media (MSM) is coughing up headlines like this:

Fires Disrupt Hollywood Lives, Work
Fire affects TV shows, celebrities
Hollywood Under Fire: Richard Gere's Plane Fills With Smoke, Sean Penn's Property Burns

In case you're beside yourself with worry over the impact of the fires on New Jersey-born Scientologists who wear hairpieces, Fox News, which broke the tragic news about Gere's plane and Penn's propoerty, is here to set your mind at ease:

"I'm so glad we don't have a home in the area," John Travolta told Fox News. "But we have so many friends and family who do. So many people in our industry have been affected by this, and my heart just goes out to all of them. People very close to me have already been evacuated, and it is scary."

I don't know about you but I'm shivering. [ed.*, it's the flu you moron]

Welch is right when he writes that there's "something fundamentally creepy and sad — as well as inevitable — about not being able to relate to a news story unless it's told through the lens of someone you only know from TV."

Of course, Christians are completely immune to this celebrity worship. We insist on getting our information only from the fully qualified.

*There is no editor. It's only me stealing an already-hoary literary device from the likes of Mickey Kaus and Daniel Drezner.

[Ed. note: Well, there's me, but I wouldn't call you a moron. Now get some rest and make sure you're getting lots of liquids! --GRD]

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I almost did a spit take onto my monitor reading this! I'm supposed to feel sorry for people who could replace their homes without a second thought? Not likely.

Now if some of these overpaid divas could spend some money out of their own pockets helping OTHERS who lost their homes and couldn't afford to rebuild, THEN I'd consider how they feel and what they think!

Rant over.....I feel a little better.....

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