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October 26, 2007

Better take a barf bag if you trick-or-treat


"There has always been a love of the gruesome in American culture," said Lesley Pratt Bannatyne, author of several Halloween books, "and it's found its way to Halloween."

You can say that again. As the Washington Post points out, we've gone from "jack-o'-lanterns and Casper the Friendly Ghost" to the vomiting animated ghoul and the Tortured Torso Prop. Perhaps it's not surprising in an era when the Saw movies are monster (sorry) successes -- but it's still disturbing for many of us.

What do you think? Is this revolting development something that's connected to the inherent nature of Halloween, or just an unfortunate trend that, hopefully, will pass like other trends?

(Image courtesy of the Washington Post)

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Walter Martin of The Bible Answer Man once said that Christians took Halloween and changed it from a day all about demons into a day about little kids dressing up and going door-to-door to get candy. (We did the same thing by turning Saturnalia into Christmas.) So now the pendulum has swung back - to the pit. (Sorry, a little.) We could, by banding together, make it swing back - it's the essence of renewing a culture. Or, we could pull out and have "harvest festivals" instead, and let things get even more gory.

So the answer to your question, Gina, really depends on all of us.

Hey, I have an idea! For this Halloween churches could put up a realistic depiction of Jesus on the cross - in the style of "The Passion of the Christ", maybe with grinning flagellators in the background holding whips dripping blood. It could be the finale of a real house-of-horrors, with other rooms featuring scenes from the Holocaust, the Killing Fields, Romania, Rwanda,... What do you think?

"People talk a good game" is true, but also an old Saw...


I for one miss my Grandfather's day in which buggies would be disassembled and reassembled on the owner's roofs.

Today that would probably get you disappeared ;-)

Anyway, we all know that the One True Halloween Movie is "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"


Why not focus on All Saints day? We as Christs' church could turn away from halloween and all of its materialism and start celebrating the lives of christians who have gone before us.
Try dressing up as Polycarp.

C. Hoffman

I have been uncomfortable with the celebration of the big "H" since I became a Christian. It glorifies all things miserable, and unlovely. More and more so each year. In fact our whole society and culture is addicted to all the horrors of the fall of humanity.
I would like to see "H" fall out of favor.
There is only ONE in all of eternity and the time/space continuum who should be glorified.

Steve (SBK)

Soon we will drop the H. And celebrate Alloween: Where everything is permissible and pursued.


Outstanding, Steve!!

But what day would follow it? A puritanical, reactionary All Ain'ts Day, where you can't do anything?

Grizzly Mom

Scripture tells us that “those who hate (God) love death. As our culture moves further from Christianity we can expect worse movies than Saw. Remember dead baby “jokes”?

Our church celebrates the church members who have promoted into eternal life on All Saints Day. Our children create and carry banners celebrating the saints who joined the Church Triumphant! (Ha, Ha, Satan, Death and Sin; God and his servants win!) that year, and we all sing “For all the Saints.” There isn’t a dry eye in the house. This year will be especially poignant because we lost a 20-year-old service member in Iraq. I felt a little funny attending his funeral because I was just the Sunday School Superintendent. There I saw six other teachers celebrating “our son’s” life. I visit his memorial garden each week, and remember him and all our service members.

Steve (SBK)

Haha! (or should that be AA! since we're dropping letters)

Very funny... and perhaps, fittingly, a little scary... that it's quite close to the truth (in a social commentary kind of way).

Gina Dalfonzo

And in Ertford, Ereford and Ampshire, urricanes ardly HEVER appen.

Steve (SBK)

"And in Ertford, Ereford and Ampshire, urricanes ardly HEVER appen."

Thank Evans. (Yes, ALL of them :P)

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