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October 25, 2007

A Pullman collection

Movie_goldencompass Speak of the devil. I just blogged about The Golden Compass again yesterday, and now the e-mail mentioned here seems to be making the rounds of Christians; at least two of our staffers have received it in one day from friends or family members. Aside from not yet appearing to have a source for their last quotation, Snopes does a good job of covering the subject.

It's great to know the word about Philip Pullman's beliefs and intentions is getting out. To continue to help in that effort, here is a collection of materials we've published on Pullman, his trilogy, and the upcoming movies.

Look for more in the coming weeks.

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I've never read anything by Pullman; no interest, no time, and plenty of other reading material to occupy me. Any reason I should change my mind?

And at this point I've no intention of seeing this or any other movie based on his work. After all, "National Treasure II" comes out this December!

Robert Birkes

I read the first two books, but just couldn't get into the third. I read these to see what the kind of person who despises C. S. Lewis did with the plain truths of reality. Yes, he can dismiss this type of analysis because it is set in a fantasy novel, but his bitterness toward the strawman church that he describes with such spite is too heartfelt to be far from his own feeling. It's a shame too, the first book was very engaging and imaginative.

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