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September 14, 2007

Who’s your hero?

As Mark Earley says in today's Point broadcast, a hero doesn't have to be someone spectacular. In our sin-sick world, desperate for examples of goodness, even someone who exhibits quiet, steady, everyday faithfulness and a consistent desire to help others can be a hero. Do you have an everyday hero in your life?

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Joe Dalfonzo

Several! My father first comes to mind. A model of quiet, steady faithfulness; always put others ahead of himself. We hear a lot about the wounded warriors but there are hundreds of medical and technical professionals that quietly and steadily report for duty at Walter Reed every day to devote most of their lives to helping others. Heroes all. President Bush and most of the members of his Cabinet are near the top of my list as are GEN Patreus and Ambassador Crocker. And then there's Dr. Michael Easley, Pastor Lon Solomon, Coach Tony Dungy, Chuck Colson, Dr. James Dobson, Gary Bauer, Tony Perkins and many, many more that fight the good fight each and every day. And I'm thankful for all of them.


Without a doubt, my husband. He's overcome odds that would easily level the strongest among us and come out on the other side a beautiful, honorable, loving man of God. I'm the luckiest!


My father is my hero. He and my mom married as teenagers and did what it took to support our family. They loved me and my sisters unconditionally and had great adventures with us. In an age when many dads do not take their family responsibilities seriously, my parents' strong, 34-year-old marriage, and the closeness of our entire family are shining testimonies to God's transforming grace.


My daughter, Deidre because she led me back to Christ. I've just read "The Ground for Christian Ethics", which says that we all long for God's grace. We are saved by his grace. We live out that grace by following his commandments. I was always looking for that grace and found it when I went back to Christ.

Jason Taylor

Some of these are definitely to be praised. Others are decent enough but praised mostly because they were interesting.

Alfred the Great: King of Wessex in the 800's. A great warrior, great lawgiver, and even a great intellectual. Also, which is rare for a king, a great Christian.

Marco Polo: Venitian Trader, traveled through Asia and returned with a tale that has fascinated people for ages.

Mary Ann Patten: The wife of the Captain of the clipper Neptune's Car. When her husband was down with tuberculosis she navigated the ship all the way round Cape Horn while ministering to her husband.

Orde Wingate: Something of an oddball, in the tradition of eccentric British officers. A bit of a mystic, he devoted himself to a number of things including the search for the Zeezura Oasis, and the Zionist Cause(odd, bit not unknown for an English gentile). Has some claim to be the founder of the Israeli Defense Force.

Ralph Bagnold: British Commando, Explorer and Scientist. Wrote the definitive book on the behavior of sand, "The Physics of Blown Sand and Desert Dunes" which is still used by Nasa as a guide when doing Martian surveys.

Raoul Wallenberg: the rescuer of thousands of Jews in wartime Budapest

These are just some of my heros.

Grizzly Mom

My Dad Howard is my hero. His dad was an alcoholic adulterer who abandoned grandma and their seven children. Howard grew up to be our mom’s best friend, supporter of his mom, his father and mother in law’s son, Uber-Dad to his own five children and eight “fatherless” nieces and nephews, defender of his daughters, a church elder, Sunday school teacher, boy scout leader, suicide call line volunteer, drove little old ladies to church, delivered food baskets to the poor, etc. When my sister and her children moved in with my folks, Dad said that he retired to be a housewife and would get the kids ready for school so she could go to work. With all this going on we didn’t have much money, but he (and mom) passed the priceless treasure onto us-Godliness, service, industry, love of family, etc. and made us the godly men and women we are today.

jason taylor

Samuel Eliot Morrison. He was a historian that wrote much on American History and is most famous for "History of United States Naval Operations During World War II". He had experience as a sailor himself and during the war he came up with the idea that having a professional historian present would be a gift to posterity. He went to and fro from different Theaters of Operations, watching what happend.
Morrison was a good writer, a good patriot, and a good Christian. He had a extensive knowledge of naval minutiae and an ability to translate it to the layman. His works remain a classic to this day.

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