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September 18, 2007

What Churches Need

Sadly, survey after survey and study after study confirm that Christians live like everyone else. We lie, cheat, steal, commit adultery, and so on, and because of this Christians in America have largely, and rightfully, lost our positive influence. 

Mike Metzger from the Clapham Institute says what churches need more of are contrarian leaders. 

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I disagree. ;-) Totally kidding. One of our many problems is that we give mental agreement to certain things, but we don't let it impact our lives. As (someone) once said, "Jesus came to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable." Guess what? We're the comfortable.


We need to condemn easy believism as heresy. We need to condemn the false gospels being preached from "evangelical" pulpits and books.

We need to preach Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, and why He had to be, and stop hiding the Cross the way many Willow Creek and other megachurch denominations do.

We need to again teach the Christian worldview Creation-Fall-Redemption, lest we lose the very Cross, as is inevitable with compromises with Darwinism.

Steve (SBK)

ha! (I'd never heard that quote before Paul) :)

Kim Moreland

Giving a bit more thought to your point, Paul, I'd say that most "Christian" hold their faith extrinsicly not intrinsicly. The former is very deadly.


I agree we have lost our luster but it's not permanent. We have something to strive for "being Christlike" is not easy in this fallen world. We are not popular because no one wants to know the truth. If I wanted to find an excuse for lying, cheating etc I'm sure Rosie would give me one. I have made up my mind to be a light and let my little light shine as best I can.

Kim Moreland

Patricia, I challenge you to be a contrarian--meaning if you see people or leaders in your church compromising the truths of the Gospel you fight it.

Warning: It will be painful because people in your church will stop liking you when you hold them to Christ's standards for the Church.


You could start by fighting against divorce.


I do hold people of the "church" accountable. I don't care if they won't like me. I answer to God, not my fellow Christian. His word is the truth and will live forever. I tell them the truth in love.

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