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September 25, 2007

Welcome to the home of dignified, mature, and respectable Christianity

I'm told that we're getting extra visitors today because of Chuck Colson's anniversary commentary. If you're a first-timer or even just stopping by for the first time in a while, welcome aboard! As if we needed any convincing that God has a sense of humor, you just happened to be introduced to The Point on a day when things have gotten a little silly. But please rest assured that, though we may like to kid around, at heart we all have great respect and Christ-like love for each other, and would never cross the line of civility.

For instance, I would never, ever reveal to the world that Allen is not only rooting for Wayne Newton to win Dancing with the Stars, but he's been burning candles at the secret shrine to Mr. Las Vegas in his basement.

That would just be cruel.

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Richard P. Janke

Yes, I am one who came because of Chuck Colson's anniversary comment. I am glad he did. I am glad to be here. Funny or not, I read the last thirty-five blogs and all were interesting and good. Thank you.


Congratulations to you, Gina, and to your entire team!

My one mild complaint is that you and the team get to be called by a cool name - "bloggers". We who post replies are known as "commenters", which seems to lack a certain cachet.

Maybe you could borrow something from Rush Limbaugh (and I pray you'd borrow only ONE thing). Rush has his DittoHeads; perhaps you could call us the PointyHeads?

Oh, wait - maybe you already do... :-)


I think Lee is right. "Commenters" is so boring and doesn't do justice to our fine friends.

"PointyHeads" is a good one. I like it. Other possibilities include "Pointiffs", "Pointificators", and "Pointdexters."

I'm sensing a contest here...

Dave the Swede

Pointificators! Love it!


I have read Chuck's book God and Government. Very insightful.


I love pointificators!
On a sidetrack, I recently read the very amusing book "Going Postal" and now 'pinhead' has a new meaning in my mind. It's someone who collects pins.

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