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September 26, 2007

The Point Radio: Life is Short, Live by the Book

The images: a man with six-pack abs and a woman in black lingerie. The message: life is short—get a divorce....

Click play above to listen.

In the comments, share with us how God has blessed the hard work of perseverance in your marriage.

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After almost 50 years, ups and downs - some of them severe - there is a peaceful calm and acceptance in our relationship. We have both honored the commitments made when we vowed "before God and this company" through perseverance and discipline. Our love for our children has strengthened our bonds to each other.

Jerry Moran

If the Lord hadn't come into my life when He did, I would have ended up a drunk [I'm a recovering ACA], having an affair and my wife would have justly kicked me out! By His Grace we passed our 46th year together this year.

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