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September 18, 2007

The Point Radio: The New Atheism

Imagine it. Someone knocks on your door. It’s not a salesman or a Mormon. It’s an atheist. “Bad news,” he says, “you are evolved from ooze, your life has no meaning, and you’re on your own.” Sound far-fetched? Perhaps. But the truth is there’s a renewed anti-faith fervor today....

Click play above to listen.

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Sergio Acosta

I wonder if such feeble entry is the result of laziness, ignorance of just plain dishonesty on the part of Mr. Earley.

I assume Mr. Earley is at least superficially familiar with the most common arguments of the so called new atheists -otherwise, why write about them- and I will assume that this is his best effort, so that eliminates laziness and ignorance.

Generally atheists do not believe that "you are evolved from ooze" or that "your life has no meaning, and you’re on your own". And to know that, you and any interested party need only google a couple of terms.

So, if you decide to write again about the "New Atheists", don't be afraid of honest disagreement, there's no need to misrepresent the other side's arguments.

Steve (SBK)

Mr. Acosta,
Specifically, what do most atheists believe "you are evolved from"?

From an ultimate perspective, which is likely the one Mr. Earley was 'imagining', the atheist also promotes a meaningless life.

Also, what atheists (or theists), "believe" (or say they believe) doesn't necessarily have any bearing on truth or "the way things are" - and they may be mistaken.

Perhaps, generally, the arguments are not 'misrepresented'.


I challenged an atheist and he finally admitted something had to be created in the beginning. If an atheist admits that something had to be created there had to be a creator. No man has ever created a universe, not able even with most advanced technology.

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