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September 17, 2007

The Point Radio: Short on Time, Short on Compassion

Summer’s over and now it begins: soccer practice, PTA meetings, church activities. Your schedule may be too full for compassion....

Click play above to listen.

Here are five questions to help you assess your own schedule:

1. Does time spent in the Word or in prayer gets pushed out of your day frequently?

2. Are Sundays (or another day you set aside if you are a pastor) usually hectic or unrestful for you?

3. When someone or something interrupts your schedule, do you feel irritated or angry?

4. Even when your schedule is full of things for God’s kingdom, do you still feel guilty that you aren’t doing enough?

5. Does your schedule lack balance? Keep in mind Jesus grew in wisdom (intellectual development), in stature (physical development), in favor with God (spiritual development), and in favor with man (social development).

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, take some time to assess your schedule. Ask yourself if your priorities reflect God’s priorities. Ask yourself if you are following God’s pattern of Sabbath rest and Jesus’ example of regularly drawing away for prayer and refreshment with the Father. Don’t let it discourage you, but prayerfully make choices to rearrange your priorities. Share your decision with a Christian friend and ask him or her to hold you accountable and encourage you in this effort.

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Hey, thanks for the excellent commentary. =) This is just what I needed to hear -- I really do need to sort out my priorities and to steward my time properly. God bless you guys.

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