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September 27, 2007

The Point About Al Gore

I enjoyed Mark Earley's vlog about how we ought to emulate Al Gore in preaching the Truth. When I said largely the same thing earlier this year, Bill M, a fine Pointificator, made the following comment:

You are correct in that the church should heed the clarion call to change their behavior and I believe many in the body are doing just that with the help of the Holy Spirit and by His Grace.

Mr. Gore on the other hand calls for a change in lifestyles for everyone but himself. It's been reported that Mr. Gore uses several times the national average to provide energy for his homes than the average person. I know he can purchase offsets etc.

So, don't hold up Mr. Gore as an example to the church he is just what the church does not need. We need people in the church who Talk the talk and Walk the Walk not like Mr. Gore who is just talking the talk and asking the middle class to pay the price

Bill's concern for hypocrisy is valid of course, but I also think Mark's point is valid as well.  The truth is that Gore casts a large vision, one which I think is based upon bad science, but one which nonetheless compellingly calls for self-sacrifice for a purpose larger than ourselves. Yet who can make such a call more powerfully than the Church? And, to Mark's point about the Gospel, who can hold up a more compelling example of self-sacrifice -- for the purpose of love and justice -- than the Church can in Christ?

Note: Readers for whom this matter of the Church's lacking vision (at least in the West) is of interest will find David Wells' Losing Our Virtue an excellent and motivating read.

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[No, to those of you who read "vlog" and thought "there's video?", the answer is No. I was thinking, in my haste, "v" as in voice. But "vlog" is commonly used to mean video-blog, so I helpfully created unnecessary confusion. No idea what a "radio" or "audio" blog would be called though. "Rlog?"]


I feel that Mr. Gore's intentions are to make money, not save the planet. God gives us the spirit of discernment to separate the wheat from the tare. So I set no value on Mr. Gore's claims. He doesn't walk the walk.


I know this isn't related to the point of your post, but since there are a lot of new people here, it might be worth re-visiting our past debates over global warming (the official IPCC version). You (including others at the Point) can layout your reasons against, and I can make my case for, accepting AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming). It would be a fun exercise!



Yeah, that sounds good. Let's wait till* next week though - I'm jammed up for the rest of the week. I'll email you ahead of time. Thanks for the comment.

*(Is anything more annoying than the fact that the standard, proper way to write the short-form of "until" is "till" and not "'til" or "til"? Really, this drives me crazy. "Till" is what you do to the ground, after all! If it's short for "until", then where on earth does that additional "l" come from?? I'm ready to lead a revolt on this. Who's with me?!!)

Gina Dalfonzo

Sorry, Allen, but I kind of like "till." Saves on apostrophes. :-)

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