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September 14, 2007

The Fair Trade

Poster2 "What is your life worth?" asks director Lauralee Farrar in her innovative documentary film entitled The Fair Trade. When Tamara Johnston lost her fiance in a devastating accident, she makes a bargain with God: "Show me a life worth living or I'm out of here." Postponing suicide, she quits her job at Dreamworks to go in search of a meaningful life. Will she discover an answer to satisfy before time runs out? Watch the trailer and read more about the film.

(The film is currently in post-production and should be completed this October. Continue to check back for more information on when and where you can view this exciting new film.)

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Doesn't this seem a little self-absorbed? I know everyone searches for meaning but this whole "woe is me" attitude is really prevalent in our society. Maybe it's my worldview talking but you live life because you're given it, not because you're particularly happy.


I think that's the point, Samantha. A woman who had a self-absorbed worldview went on a journey and had an encounter. I haven't seen the film yet, but my bets would be that her self-absorbed, woe-as-me attitude was radically changed along the way. I think that's what makes the film so interesting and probably such a unique opportunity to talk about ultimate things of value with friends who might likewise need such a journey.

Steve (SBK)

I don't know Samantha...
I think it's almost the exact opposite.
The "woe is me" attitude is more prevalent because people no longer know "what their life is worth" or "the point" of existence.
I think this movie will go a long way in helping some people to wake up (from their slumber of self-absorption) to what is valuable and worth pursuing, in this life, and beyond.

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