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September 18, 2007

My Radiance, His Glory

"There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice." John Calvin

Radiance "As the hand is made for holding and the eye for seeing, thou has fashioned me for joy. Share with me the vision that shall find it everywhere: in the wild violet's beauty; in the lark's melody; in the face of a steadfast man; in a child's smile; in a mother's love; in the purity of Jesus." Gaelic prayer

"If we are silent about the joy that comes from knowing Jesus, the very stones will cry out! For we are an Easter people and 'Alleluia' is our song." Pope John Paul II

Think of any woman you have ever seen who was loved well and responded rightly to that love. She has a certain beauty about her, no matter how unconventional, and a light to her eyes. I think about Beatrice, the wife of the pastor of our sister church in Nyagatare, Rwanda. She truly radiates. It's no wonder. Her husband, Deo, loves her well. He calls her Darling. "Darling will be here in a minute," or "Darling was just telling me the same thing earlier." Her radiance says so much about the kind of man Deo is.

God rejoices over us with singing (Is. 62:5; Zeph. 3:17). He delights in us, His people. He cares for us. He has shown us the full extent of His love, not holding back anything (Phil. 2:8). Our countenance is a reflection of our bridegroom. Our radiance is His glory. And when we fail to be a joyful people, we are always saying something to the world about our Savior. God wants us to be a radiant bride (Eph 5:27; Is. 60:5; Ps. 34:5). Will you stop and reflect on how well cared for you are? Take a look around you at the color of a blade of grass like Calvin did, or at a child's smile as the prayer says, or at our resurrected Savior as Pope John Paul did. And rest in His love. If you are His, He rejoices over you; rejoice in Him too. And let your radiance be a reflection of His glory.

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