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September 14, 2007

It’s Ramadan--Seize the Day!

Yesterday was the first day of Ramadan, and for many Muslims in America, it's the perfect time to distance themselves from the events of September 11th by helping a neighbor in need, sponsoring an orphan, or feeding day laborers. Read all about it here.

But Ramadan is not just for Muslims. It's the perfect opportunity for Christians to gather together to pray for their Muslim neighbors and those who ascribe to Islam all around the world. Every day during Ramadan, 30daysfire.net posts stories about and prayer requests for Muslims around the world.

Read today's story and consider how you can begin praying for the world of Islam.

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I'm very confused about all the interest in Ramadan. Now, don't misunderstand, I fully support praying for our Muslim neighbors, however, I think that at times "identification" can be taken too far. Like the example in my local paper of a gentleman who as a Roman Catholic decided that it was a good idea for him to join with many other presumable Christians and fast alongside the Muslims during Ramadan (including attending his local Mosque).

What am I not understanding?

Raker Tooth

Paul, I too was a bit put off, but I'm guessing it's meant in a way of siezing the day for light over dark. I like bold moves, but would be careful about people stumbling because they interpreted my action in an incorrect ecumenical way.
If you think about it though, really interesting concept, mark the calender up with other holidays as prayer reminders!


It was also the Head of the Year, though I heard no shofarim. The traditional Jewish New Year, supposed to commemorate Noah's coming out of the ark.


I think what 30 Days Fire is trying to do is similar to what many churches attempt during Halloween. Instead of playing up a pagan holiday, head to church for a Reformation Day celebration.

Please don't misunderstand me. I wasn't advocating flocking to a mosque to "outpray" Muslims. Rather, consider it a good reminder to prayerfully focus on the Muslim community during a time in which they're more spiritually focused.


Thanks for explaining. Thinking of it in terms a a "Harvest Festival" helps me get my head around it better.

John R Warner

Please give us more information on Ramidan
and if there is a counterpoint in Christianity (ie Pentecost- the founbding if the Christian church)
John R Warner

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